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Middle school acquaintance

UPDATE: Friday's sentencing hearing before King County Superior Court Judge Patrick Oishi was continued after covicted stalker Shawn Moul backed out of an agreement that would have seen him agree to a prison term so long as prosecutors did not file additional charges. He's expected to return to court on Sept.

Having been convicted on two counts of felony stalking and 19 of violating an anti harassment order, Moul could have been sentenced to more than two decades in prison Friday.

But the sentencing was delayed after Moul backed out of an agreement with prosecutors.

Speaking Thursday, Billig Generisk Cialis Lundeen said she's certain prison bars won't stop his letters.

Moul was last sent to prison in 2001 for sending similar letters, and threatening to kill a judge and prosecutor. He didn't stop then, Lundeen said, and he likely won't stop now.

"I would like to say that this is going to be the end, but it's not," Lundeen said Thursday. "He still writes from jail. It's just a matter of how many letters get out."

'I'll make you wish you were never born'

Having met Lundeen at McKnight Middle School, Moul started harassing her when they both were students at Hazen High School.

Unlike most, Lundeen had been friendly toward Moul. And that small favor, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Alexandra Voorhees told the court, was rewarded with a lifetime of harassment.

"Little did Tracy Lundeen know that her acts of kindness as a child would cause "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" the defendant to fixate on her and stalk her for the past 17 years," Voorhees Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop said in court documents.

Warnings from Lundeen's parents and a transfer to a school for troubled youths didn't deter Moul. Arrested for attacking a teacher at Seattle Children's School, he began sending Lundeen letters from jail.

Lundeen received her first anti harassment order against Moul in June 1998. Moul responded with threats of suicide, demands that Lundeen visit him in jail and Buy Cialis Switzerland accusations that she was to blame for his difficulties.

Lundeen's family reported each letter to the police, and Moul was charged seven times with violating the order. Unenthused by Moul's unwillingness to cease writing, a Renton Municipal Court judge sentenced him to seven consecutive one year jail terms a nearly unheard "Anabolika Definition" of punishment for a municipal court.

Apparently angered by the way the cases had progressed, Moul threatened to kill a probation officer. He received an additional year in prison for the offense.

Nonetheless, Voorhees told the court, Moul's letter writing campaign continued. Moul wrote dozens of letters to Lundeen and her family, even after prosecutors brought a felony stalking charge against him; he also threatened a King County Superior Court judge and a deputy prosecutor after his mail privileges were restricted.

"I'm tired of this," Moul wrote to Judge Deborah Fleck. "You WILL drop the mail restriction and the court will mind its business. You will obey the constitution or else."

"I'm make you wish that you were never born," Moul wrote the judge in another letter.

Moul also threatened to mutilate the prosecutor's genitals, feed his heart to dogs and break every bone in his body, according to charging documents.

"Listen up you piece of (expletive) or there will be hell to pay," Moul told the deputy prosecutor. This, he continued, "isn't going to stop until I talk to her."

Mom: 'He'd have to kill me first'

Moul remained imprisoned and relatively quiet until 2008, but began contacting Lundeen again in January 2010.

"We'll go for a while and not hear from him, and I'll think, 'Maybe he's gotten the message,'" said Holly Knowles, Lundeen's mother. "And then another letter will come."

According to court documents, Moul managed to find a member of Lundeen's family Bio Primo Methenolone Enanthate online and began barraging her with messages. He claimed to love Lundeen because she was "nice and caring," and described his prison sentence Dianabol Methandienone 5mg as something she had done to him.

Moul then began stalking Lundeen's family member, arriving at her work in an effort to find Lundeen. Concerned, she obtained a protective order against Moul and alerted security at her work.

In the days that followed, Moul sent the woman messages including her address. Police officers Anavar Cycle Length then intervened, arresting Moul at a homeless shelter for violating the court orders.